Stephanie Howard


Stephanie Howard

I Am:

Always interested in having fun while working. That's the great thing about real estate, it's fun to look inside homes, see the potential, and watch someone make it their own.

Proudest Moment:
That one time when I said "Stay!" to my dog and she actually stayed

Biggest Challenge:
Staying awake past 9pm

Alarm Clock:
The dogs get up very early no matter what day of the week

Perfect Day:
That perfect sunny, not a cloud in the sky in Palm Springs, grilling with the music playing , hanging out by the pool...that's my perfect day.

First Job:
Sixteen years old I worked at Pizza Hut, back then they served beer and wine.

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood:
How can you go wrong with Old Las Palmas?

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS:
Tropicale is such a wonderful place

The last line from Row Row Row Your Boat...."Life is but a dream"

The Paul Kaplan Group is:
Fantastic, fun, and fabulous!