Niko Esposito Niko Esposito

I have spent most of my life and career searching out objects that inspire, I have studied Art and Architecture and my dream is to incorporate these ideas into homes that allow people to create their own dreams and inspiration. 

I Am:
A traveler of both time and space.

Proudest Moment:
I have many but my kid is the best.

Biggest Challenge:
Yikes, where do I start!

Alarm Clock:
My cats always wake me before my alarm ever goes off.

Perfect day:
Playing music and eating great food with friends and family.

First Job: 
Selling freshly picked fruits and veggies on our property with my best friend when I was 9. 

Favorite P.S neighborhood:
Mine, of course Tahquitz River Estates but there are so many to love.

#1 place to dine out in P.S:
Shanghi Reds, Zin Bistro, Tropical, Pomme Frite, Kiyosaku, Ok now I'm hungry.

Art, Architecture, Crushes, Creativity, Design, Doing the Right Thing, Friends, Music, Nature, Photography and The Moon & Stars.

Pie Of Choice:
Apple Cobble A La Mode Yum

The Paul Kaplan Group is:
The Coolest!