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I Am:
snazzy REALTOR, Airstream dweller, car collector, and all around vintage-y guy. I try to make every day fun.

Proudest Moment:
Winning a Judge's Choice Award for the restoration of my Airstream trailer at The Modernism Week Trailer Show 2014.

Biggest Challenge:
Stopping myself from buying old car parts, old trailers, or more old cars.

Alarm Clock:
It seems to go off at 6:00 am every day. I don't have a clock anymore, just an iPhone.

Perfect Day:
Driving my 1962 Oldsmobile on a day-long road trip on a sunny day and my phone does not ring once.

First Job:
Bagging groceries at Giant Eagle Supermarket in 1986

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood:
Vista Las Palmas and Twin Palms

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS:
Lyon's Grille or Billy Reed's

Art, design, music

Pie of Choice:
Rhubarb (that my mom made) - Hi Mom!

The Paul Kaplan Group is:
not an office. It's a great place to spend my days. I learn things every day. The days go by quickly because we're having so much fun - most days. At least.

Matthew moved to Palm Springs ten years ago after falling in love with the valley's architecture. He walks-the-walk of a mid-century modern lifestyle with his Alexander home in the Twin Palms neighborhood, his vintage cars, clothes and furnishings.

Not just a realtor, Matt is active with Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom), Modernism Week and the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation.

From rural Ohio to Tokyo, from Saudi Arabia to Vermont, Matt brings an extensive experience of living abroad and travel (53 countries and counting), along with strong educational background (BFA and 2 MA's in education) to his experience in real estate.

For Matt design is an integral part of his life. And as he says "if you can't do it with style, stay home". Matt will help you find your perfect Palm Springs lifestyle, in addition, to the perfect Palm Springs home.