Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell - Paul Kaplan Group


I am:
Happy to be living and working in our desert paradise.

Proudest Moment:
Marrying my best friend.

Biggest Challenge:
Finding time to enjoy all of my hobbies and interests.

Alarm Clock:
My new rescue pup sitting on my chest.

Perfect Palm Springs Day:
A hike or anything outdoors then dinner with friends.

First Job:
Bagging groceries and mopping floors.

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood:
The Mesa for it's diversity and beauty.

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS:
John Henry's.

Nature, music and the gym.

Pie of Choice:
ALL! I am equal opportunity for all bakery foods.

The Paul Kaplan Group is:
A friendly and supportive environment. I get up every morning looking forward to my day!

To contact Jim, text or call:  760-774-7697