Greg Tormo

Greg Tormo

I am:
Doggy Daddy. Tiki Nut. Soul 45 Fan. Modernist Maven.

Proudest Moment:
Following through on the life-changing decision to give up everything I knew in New York to seek out the new and unknown in Palm Springs.

Biggest Challenge:
Divesting myself of old vintage furniture once I’ve bought newer vintage pieces. I just can’t seem to let things I love go.

Alarm Clock:
Our senior chihuaha gets me up every morning at 6, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Perfect Day:
Every day in Palm Springs is the perfect day, if you make it that way. Coffee, crossword, and a quick swim are part of every perfect day for me.

First Job:
Manning a Fotomat kiosk in the middle of a shopping center parking lot, 1982. Great experience and a lot of responsibility for a 15 year-old kid, entailing everything from retail sales and client relationships to bookkeeping, inventory and store management.

Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood:
The nabe with no name , off of Toledo. Fantastic early 1970s homes in a quiet ‘hood. It’s often grouped with Indian Canyons, but it’s not part of the official neighborhood recognized by One-PS. Nearly every neighbor has a dog, and I look forward to seeing their friendly faces every day.

#1 Place to Dine Out in PS:
Taco Tuesday at Tonga Hut! 3 Tacos and a Mai Tai for $12! You can’t beat it. But if it’s not Tuesday…. Evzin at the Caliente Tropics Hotel serves the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever had!

Unsung heroes of all kinds. Those who do what they love and share it with the world, even when the world doesn’t return the favor.

Pie of Choice:
Mom’s Apple Pie, but you have to use the right apples, Rome Beauties. No others will do.

The Paul Kaplan Group is:
People who know their stuff and know how to get stuff done!

To contact Greg, text or call:  201-659-7675