Brad Hudson ThomasBrad Hudson Thomas
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I am:  
an art, architecture, and design enthusiast that appreciates modern classics and is always looking for new inspiration and the best  Mexican food.
Is it lunch-time yet?

Proudest moment:
I am so proud that I married the love of my life on the first day it was legal in California in 2008.  

Biggest challenge:
Behind my shy & soft-spoken demeanor there is a great, big-hearted, extrovert that is waiting to be activated. Just push the FUN button.

Alarm clock:
No need for an actual alarm clock, I have a hungry Pug that is always ready for breakfast at 6am.
Brad Hudson Thomas
Perfect day:
It changes all the time. Lately we have been fixing up our 1956 Vagabond trailer, grilling with friends, and cuddling with our 13 year old pug-dog. Sprinkle in a brunch or two and Bingo at The Ace on Monday nights with Bella de Ball and I’m in heaven.

First job:
shelving books at a medical library

Favorite Palm Springs neighborhood:
Racquet Club, Deepwell, The Mesa

#1 place to dine out in PS:
La Tablita for enchiladas and margaritas / Kiyosaku for Kiyo's Original Grapefruit Special with Sake and Beer.

My friends and family.

Pie of choice:  
any pie will do just fine

The Paul Kaplan Group is:
A dynamic group of fun, smart and passionate people that love Palm Brad Hudson Thomas - Paul Kaplan GroupSprings and love real estate.

Raised in west Texas, Brad moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA and Otis College of Art & Design. After working in LA and managing art galleries for over a decade, he and his husband made the move to the desert. Drawn by the more relaxed lifestyle, open space, natural beauty, and cool people of the desert, they have a home in the high desert and a vintage trailer in Palm Springs.