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What makes your Palm Springs house a home?

Posted by Paul Kaplan on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at 5:31am

Make Your House, Your Home

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is Apartment Therapy.

They recently published the "9 Home Truths We Tend to Forget (That Are Worth Remembering)" which I believe apply to your Palm Springs home as a vacation property or a full time residence.  These factors all help to make your house a home, whether its just for a weekend escape in Palm Springs, or where you reside day to day.    Here are excerpts from the blog:

Home — and what makes it one — is different for all of us. But there are some universal truths that when taken to heart (and kept in mind), make the home we do have that much more enjoyable. These nine truths about home — how to make one and love the one you have — are the kind of simple truths that sometimes slip our busy minds. But they're lessons worth returning to and remembering.


1. It can take awhile to know what's important to you in a home — but it's important to figure out.

 Palm Springs Home with Pool

2. Creating your dream home doesn't have to take a lot of money — and you sure shouldn't wait for "perfect" to really live

Palm Springs Home Decor

 3. Plants make every room better

Palm Springs Home Backyard

4. You really probably don't need all that stuff

 5. Home is who you share it with

6. You don't have to learn how to fix everything, but knowing what's "off" makes life easier

 7. Even the smallest studio will seem like a mansion when you learn that "home" actually extends beyond your walls

8. You deserve a clean home

9. Comparing your home to someone else's takes away from authentically creating yours

To read the complete article, please Click Here.

So what home truths do you most forget? Remember? What would you add to the list? 

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