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Almost all homes in Palm Springs have pools, but if you want to venture out and meet some new people, there are some lively pools around town with some happening parties.

pool fun in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is host to Splash House this weekend (June 13-14).  The Desert Sun, our local newspaper, also recommends venues for fun in the sun with new friends. Palm Springs is where Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga got their start. For some cute swimwear, check out one of our favorite local designers Trina Turk. Don’t forget your sun screen!

Palm Springs Home with Pool

  Wonderful Home with pool in Palm Springs

If you want your own Palm Springs pool, check out our listing at 1164 N Rose Avenue in Vista Las Palmas.  Available for $1,195,000.

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Brad Hudson

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There is nothing quite better than escaping to Palm Springs in the summer to relax,  enjoy a poolside cocktail, and jumping into your own swimming pool. Somehow, swimming in Palm Springs seems to wash away  your stress, not to mention, just fun for you, your friends and family.

Relaxing in Palm Springs

As the summer months heat up finding a pool home can be a challenge if your budget is under $450,000! Searching for a pool home can be a challenge because many times the searches will pull homes with a community pool, and while that is better than nothing - having to schlep your items to a community pool on a busy weekend does not sound like a fun time.

We have pulled and reviewed the top 5 pool homes that are under $450,000 in Palm Springs and currently available!

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One of the highlights of Palm Springs Modernism Week 2015 was the presentation with Gary Johns, of The Paul Kaplan Group, celebrating Slim Aarons' famous photograph, "Poolside Gossip."  The Paul Kaplan Group was proud to be a sponsor of this evening and support Gary Johns and to thank him for his countless hours of research that he put into this memorable presentation.


        Palm Springs Vintage Background:  Modernism Week in Palm Springs provides unique exhibits, lectures and tours that celebrate the mid-century lifestyle exemplified by our desert community.   There are images we have in our collective minds that can capture moments in time, most of which are related to milestones in history. Some of the most universally recognized…
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Ok, Just saying....

This winter, you can be doing this:

Shoveling snow

Or this:

Palm Springs pool life 

Average Annual Snowfall for US Cities:

City Yearly Snowfall
  Inches Centimetres
Rochester, New York 99.5 252.7
Buffalo, New York 94.7 240.5
Cleveland, Ohio 68.1 173.0
Salt Lake City, Utah 56.2 142.7
Minneapolis, Minnesota 54.0 137.2
Denver, Colorado 53.8 136.7
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 46.9 119.1
Boston, Massachusetts 43.8 111.3
Detroit, Michigan 42.7 108.5
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 41.9 106.4
Hartford, Connecticut 40.5 102.9
Chicago, Illinois 36.7   93.2
Providence, Rhode Island 33.8   85.9
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Summer IS a good time to sell

The following are tips for selling your home in  Palm Springs- "6 Tips to Help You Sell This Summer", modified from an article posted in posted by RE-Insider on 7/16/14 • Categorized as Industry News (

Mow the Lawn Twice a Week
Don’t ask me why but grass grows faster in the summer. Don’t explain it to me, either, because I don’t want to think about photosynthesis or chlorophyll. Your hair grows faster in the summer, too. Every other lawn cutting, try mowing on the diagonal to add dimension and curb appeal.  In the desert, lawn is more rare-  but make sure your desert landscaping is neat and orderly, and your decomposed granite is raked!

Bring the

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