Alice Reimann


I am:
I am a creative person at heart. I always like to have a new project that I am working on. I like the planning and the problem-solving. I love to figure things out. 

Proudest Moment:
Getting a couple of good friends in The Sadies out of a tight spot with the law in Kansas City.
Biggest Challenge:
Keeping house plants alive.
Alarm Clock:
My big orange cat Ginger telling me he is HUNGRY.
Perfect Day:
Sleeping in, coffee, pancakes, crossword puzzle, thinking about what to do… then doing that and rewarding myself with a pizza and coke for dinner. Or just seeing my favorite band Wilco anywhere. I will travel to see this band.

First Job:
Babysitting. Then, Saturday clerk at Le San Dry Cleaners, where my grandmother worked. She loved to iron clothes.
Favorite Palm Springs Neighborhood:
Ray Bradbury's old 'hood, Twin Palms. Although I am really starting to fall in love with the Mesa.
#1 Place to Dine out in Palm Springs:
The Purple Room on a Sunday night before The Judy Show.
My maternal grandmother who fostered my love of travel.
My father who taught me how to use my first SLR camera.
My mom who always encourages me to try new things and my husband for always being willing to go someplace new with me.
Pie of choice:
The Paul Kaplan Group is: 
A dream realized. I would visit the Paul Kaplan web site often while sitting in my office in Chicago, in the dead of winter, day dreaming about being here in warmth of the sun. If this sounds like you, call me, I know what you need: a place in Palm Springs to call home.