The Racquet Club Road Estates

The Paul Kaplan Group has sold multiple homes over the years in one of Palm Springs' most notable mid-century neighborhoods, Racquet Club Estates.  The neighborhood located approximately North of Vista Chino Ave and East of Indian Canyon Blvd., was built by the Alexander Construction Company around 1960, and designed by William Krisel of Palmer and Krisel Architects. The 360 home development was the Alexander Construction Company's largest tract.

The first homes at Racquet Club Road Estates were completed in 1959, located in the vicinity of the popular Palm Springs Racquet Club resort. The homes were designed as weekend getaway pads, and many were owned by Hollywood celebrities that frequented the Racquet Club. The mid-century bungalows consisted of 1,225 square foot layouts, approximately 35' x 35'. The post and beam construction allowed for soaring roof lines, an open floor plan, and an indoor/outdoor relationship to the generous 1/4 acre lots dotted with pools, olive trees and fan palms.

The designs consisted of two basic floor plans, that "A" plan with a side facing front door; the "B" plan was rotated with a front door facing the street.  The roof lines varied to created a non-repetitive tract of beautiful modernist homes.


The Racquet Club Estates neighborhood has experienced a major renaissance in the past 2 decades. Many homes have been carefully restored and updated, to help create one of Palm Springs' most desirable hip mid-century neighborhoods.

Prices for the homes originally started around $16,000.  Today redone homes have sold for close to $700,000! 

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