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We sought out the Paul Kaplan Group after having our home in The Springs Country Club - Rancho Mirage, CA listed for 4 months with one of the countries premiere realty companies. We were left disappointed and wondering if the only thing todays realtors are capable of, is to hound you for your listing and “sit” open houses. We found out that this was refreshingly not true. Once contacted, Paul Kaplan intuitively assigned Diann to pursue the sale of our home. It only took one meeting for us to learn that she knew her stuff and was prepared to do whatever was necessary to accomplish our mutual goals. Diann immediately recognized the attributes of our home and what clientele it would appeal to. Once onboard she targeted that clientele via both modern and traditional means; even commissioning a video production of Hollywood quality. Within 3 weeks she brought the “correct” buyer through our door, from a different city, and closed the entire deal within 2 ½ months of listing in off peak season and at full asking price. Certain challenges unique to our closing, threatened our sale and would have likely crippled a lesser agent. Diann not missing a beat, effortlessly rose to each task and extinguished the fires before they were allowed to escalate out of control. From our standpoint, the entire sales experience with Diann was expedient, professional and reassuring. We have no problem recommending her and already have.



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Palm Springs is our second home destination. We contacted Diann simply to see what options she could provide us on our current PS home and what the market had to offer if we wanted to pursue something different. Diann has been such a pleasure to work with! It can be such a great and fun experience to buy and sell property if you are working with an agent that takes the time to get to know you, works hard to keep you updated and informed, does not pressure you and enjoys the experience with you. Diann excels with all of that and so much more! Not living full time in the PS area could have created a challenge and made our experience frustrating, but Diann has been so organized, knowledgeable, accommodating and overcame the challenges of distance to keep this experience fun and exciting. An outstanding agent is worth their weight in gold, Diann is gold!



"I have just completed the sale of my second home with Brad Hudson as my agent. I cannot recommend Brad Hudson highly enough. I found him to be a rarity among the sea of other real estate agents. There was never any high energy drama, but instead he exuded a constant steady calm. His knowledge as to the current state of the market was invaluable. His insights were well thought out and right on target. It is with pleasure that I recommend Brad as a top-notch real estate professional."



After a recommendation from a friend, I listed the property for sale with Kris Rain. She was very efficient in completing the appropriate paperwork and getting the condo ready for viewing. Within one month we had an accepted offer and the escrow went smoothly. Closing took a little longer than anticipated, not because of Kris, but due to delays in official approvals.


"Brad Hudson was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Possibly our favorite real estate agent of all time!"
Danielle and Jon


"I met Kris [Rain] out of the cold-she showed me the place I wanted to see-didn't work for me so I told her what I was looking for and asked if she could arrange to see what was in our profile of interest. THE NEXT DAY, she showed me 6 properties that totally matched my interests. With her guidance we made an offer that was accepted-no back and forth-and we closed in a little over 30 days-thank 1st Republic Bank for some of that.

Anyway, Kris has been most helpful in getting us in touch with those who will facilitate our ideas. And she is just the most down to earth, earnest person I've met in Real Estate since god knows when. I thought San Franciso agents were good, but they have competition for service in Palm Springs.  Don't shortchange yourself-give her/them a call if you're looking to buy here. Spank me if I'm wrong!"



"I've been a huge fan of the Paul Kaplan website for about 5 years. It sounds funny to be a fan of a realty site but Paul Kaplan has the best Mid-century Modern homes in Palm Springs and I love looking at them. I finally felt ready to buy 2 months ago and contacted them. Buying a house will always be a little stressful but Kris was great and steered us in the right direction. My closing was Yesterday and it couldn't have been smoother."


"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about the experience we had purchasing a condo [in Palm Springs} with the help of Clay Baham. You probably already know that he represents your business with the utmost professionalism. Clay worked hard with the difficult bank owned property and always returned my phone calls promptly. The condo closed and Clay is still working for us to make sure we are happy with the total experience. Once again thank you for all of the assistance we enjoyed working with Clay and would do so again in the future if necessary." Rory and Morgen

Thank you ever so much for your superb work, Paul. It was a pleasure all the way through. And your ability to bring the right buyer to the table on very short notice was most impressive. A number of my tenants have been asking about realtors, and I am sending them all your way.  Doug K, Los Angeles

"From the beginning he was professional, ethical and just a great guy to be around. He goes above and beyond any other realtor I have dealt with; my husband and I have been buying and selling homes for over 30 years. He never fails to answer a question about the area, services etc. Being a Canadian in the US it is great to have a knowledgable touch stone such as Paul.He is a fountain of local information and if he doesn't know the answer he will find it for you. He never ceases to amaze me. And, he hosts great party/open houses for his current/past clients." Kacia D, British Columbia, Canada

"Paul goes well beyond the average realtor in terms of his knowledge, professionalism and delivery of services. He is low-key and patient in his approach and favors educating his clients vs "selling" them. I would recommend Paul without hesitation."


"Paul is pleasant and patient. He's also very knowledgeable about the market. Plus he's very helpful with other aspects of buying property."

"I found Paul to be a very honest broker. We are from out of state and had to go somewhat on faith with him, and I'm glad we did. Price-wise, we were somewhat unrealistic in what we were looking at on line before we met. Before going out to look at houses, he helped guide us towards touring houses that were realistic for our budget and best met our needs. He didn't try to sell us on something we couldn't afford to make a bigger commission. He also got us set up with a mortgage broker right away so we would be able to to take immediate action if we found a house we really liked. He was very attentive and really seemed to understand our needs even better than we did. We're very happy with the house we ended up buying. We got a lot for the money and it's in a really good neighborhood."

"We are not just happy but delighted in our house. We love walking to Europa Restaurant bar for a cocktail or walking to Koffi/Ace/Elmers for breakfast. Feel free anytime you're driving by our house to stop and pick figs/limes/grapefruit we are having a hard time consuming all the delicious fruits ourselves (even though we've been at the house almost every weekend)! I think we may have started a trend amongst our friends and know at least one other couple may be looking to buy in the next year or so (they were just so impressed with our house and the views from the pool). We'll be sure to pass on your name to them. ;)" Sophie A, San Diego

"Our search for a property in Palm Springs was a long process as we were particular and knew what we wanted. Kris Rain was supportive, patient, and hard working to show us numerous properties over nearly a year. We live a distance from PS so kept in touch via email and our client portal, which was invaluable. We loved working with Kris and The Paul Kaplan Group; and would do so again! We consider her our RE agent even though we found our dream place last July. Wouldn't want to work with anyone else!"  CA Krell

"I still have never met Paul Kaplan and I'd like to meet him someday and thank him for his great website.  It is one of the few real estate websites to acknowledge the role of architects in making this area what it has become and continues to be."  Philip M, Palm Springs 2015