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Newly listed by Kris Rain of The Paul Kaplan Group, you'll discover a  very unique A Frame cabin in Snow Creek Village, located just north of Palm Springs. Palm Springs Home unique home
Here's your opportunity to hide out in this hand-crafted cabin, built with beautiful stones and hand-hewn beams on the north face of Mt San Jacinto. Cathedral ceilings frame a majestic rock fireplace in the center of the cabin. Crawl into the loft to consider your next work of art while gazing upon the beauty that surrounds you.       Unique Home Palm Springs   Palm Springs Home   The cabin sits on .73 acres and is hugged by eucalyptus, citrus and shade trees. You will feel as if you can reach up and touch the stars here at night. The yard is also walled in to accommodate your furry family members. This is a…
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Palm Springs Vacation Home

Many of our clients at the Paul Kaplan Group are looking for part-time residences that can also be used as vacation rentals. When you are not using the home for your own enjoyment, you can rent out the home to help cover your expenses and even make a profit. Some owners manage the rentals themselves and use vacation rental websites like VRBO and Airbnb, while others go with a local management company. The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism put out a nice post encouraging visitors to book vacation rentals and explaining the advantages. See the post here. If you are looking for real estate in the Palm Springs area, please let us know.

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We love mid-century homes, whether attached to a foundation, or on wheels.  Vintage trailers are one of our many passions at The Paul Kaplan Group in Palm Springs.  

Palm Springs Camping

Matthew Reader, one of our Paul Kaplan Group agents, is an expert at restoring vintage Airstream trailers.  His latest project is now for sale-  available for anyone wanting to experience Glamping on their own!  Or perhaps wanting to add a guest house to match their mid-century home-  Matthew's Airstream trailer is a treat to view and reflects a careful restoration that combines vintage style with contemporary design.  This updated midcentury trailer has been renovated throughout and includes furnishings.   For more info contact Matthew direct.

Inside the camper

kitchen inside the camper

1966 Airstream Safari, fully

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Palm Springs has historically been a popular location for Second Home ownership.  However, many of our clients at The Paul Kaplan Group, actually buy "second homes" in Palm Springs, without actually owning a "first home" in their place where they reside full time. 

 Palm Springs Home Paul Kaplan Group

Here are a few tips from a recent article from which  explains how a New Yorker, who never thought he could own a home, decided to buy a second home before he bought a "first home."   

Many of these tips apply to those considering buying a "second home" in the Palm Springs area.  In summary, these are the key things to consider.

1.  Make sure you have enough money for a down payment. Make sure you have enough money for the 2nd home plus enough to pay rent where you

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The Paul Kaplan Group and The Mod Shack are excited to reveal  our next #pkgLocal  Sweepstakes award-

Win a $250 Gift Certificate to

 Wil Stiles Palm Springs 



wil Stiles


Wil Stiles represents the Palm Springs lifestyle and presents a cheerful, well-edited collection of fashion, art, and accessories for men and women. Contemporary European sportswear mixes with cruiser bicycles, colorful watches, and chic sunglasses for the Palm Springs bon vivant. An impressive selection of Fred Perry and J Lindeberg is inspired by the legendary Racquet Club and the desert life of leisure.  Click here to visit Wil Stiles on line. 

wil Stiles Store

  wil Stiles Watches

 wil Stiles Store Front


875 N Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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Almost all homes in Palm Springs have pools, but if you want to venture out and meet some new people, there are some lively pools around town with some happening parties.

pool fun in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is host to Splash House this weekend (June 13-14).  The Desert Sun, our local newspaper, also recommends venues for fun in the sun with new friends. Palm Springs is where Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga got their start. For some cute swimwear, check out one of our favorite local designers Trina Turk. Don’t forget your sun screen!

Palm Springs Home with Pool

  Wonderful Home with pool in Palm Springs

If you want your own Palm Springs pool, check out our listing at 1164 N Rose Avenue in Vista Las Palmas.  Available for $1,195,000.

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Brad Hudson

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According to Oprah Winfrey, "Everyone loves something for free!"  And we're no different at The Paul Kaplan Group in Palm Springs.  

Billy Reed Starbucks CardsTrina Turk Store

In an effort to promote local businesses, The Paul Kaplan Group and The Mod Shack will be sponsoring weekly sweepstakes, giving away cool stuff from Palm Springs businesses.  We call it #pkgLocal.    We want to share our local point of view on all things Palm Springs and Mid-Century-Modern. As the number one boutique real estate agency in Palm Springs we at The Paul Kaplan Group have a lot to say about what’s going on in our hometown. This summer, as the weather is heating up, we are going to hold a drawing once a week from all of the new email list sign-ups we get. In addition to staying informed about the local

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What exactly is a "Butterfly Roof?"  The iconic Palm Springs roof line style can be seen atop thousands of houses in the warm western regions of the United States.

Butterfly Roofs in Palm Springs What is a Butterfly Roof exactly?  Its when two panels meet in the middle of the roofline and slope upward and outward, like butterfly wings in mid-flap. This similarity gave the "butterfly roof" its name, and it is a distinct feature of post-war American residential and commercial architecture. In  sun-drenched cities in Southern California, such as Palm Springs, the butterfly roofs made way for high windows, called clerestories,  that let in natural light. Homes topped with butterfly roofs seemed larger and more inviting then the tradition hip-roof style, that was previously the common

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Our agent, Matthew Reader, was just featured in the June edition of The Desert Sun's Desert Magazine-  highlighting his passion for vintage trailers here in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Trailor

Featured in a number of articles recently, Matt is know for his distinctive retro style.  His latest Airstream Trailer project, called "Windy," consists of a detailed restoration of the aluminum trailer, curated with vintage memorabilia carefully displayed by Matthew inside.  Matt enjoys traveling the country with friends towing attention-getting Windy behind.

Trailer Parks are once again becoming popular for not just retired folks, but also hipsters, and baby boomer looking to create a new sense of community, vintage style.  When Matt is in Palm Springs, he resides at the

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Canadians have historically been huge fans of Palm Springs-  the perfect escape from cold winters, flying on direct flights from Canada directly to Palm Springs International Airport!  During our winter season, Palm Springs feels like "Little-Canada" based on the Canadian license plates seen all over the Coachella Valley!  Many have winter residences in Palm Springs, and we kindly refer to these visitors and 2nd home owners, as "Snowbirds"

However, the recent devaluation of the Canadian Dollar and the increased valuation of the US $, has made some Canadians hesitant to purchase in Palm Springs in recent months.

  Canadian Flag

Below- is a well stated article incuding supporting statistics, that maybe now really IS the time to buy for Canadians after all- 

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